Mon, 12/10/2012 at 4:05 PM Second Bedroom

The second bedroom in my condo is currently used as a den for me. Most days this works absolutely fine since I live by myself. Occasionally, however, the furniture gets in the way. When my parents come to visit I am usually nice and offer to let them stay in the master bedroom, then drag out an inflatable mattress and attempt to find room to inflate it. It is not that the room is particularly tiny, though it is on the small side, but rather that the furniture within the room takes up so much space.

I used to live in an apartment with a very long front room, and a secondary bedroom with an odd bump out. Of course this has little to do with my current place or my current story except for the fact that the furniture I have now, was purchased to fit those two spaces. This means that the love seat is rather oversized width-wise and the desk is a little oversized, well, everywhere. Add on top of these two large pieces of furniture a wall of bookcases and it all makes for a bit of a tight fit. Actually, it leaves just enough room, closet to bookcase or sofa to desk for a queen sized air mattress to be inflated on the floor with a tiny bit of space to walk.

Of course there are a large number of solutions. I could buy a smaller air mattress, but all my sheets are queen sized. I could remove the sofa, but it gives me a place to read by the window. I could remove the desk, but with three monitors and a large amount of computer equipment it helps keep everything somewhat orderly and usable. The bookcases could go... really, who reads books anyway? But I have a small collection of paperbacks that I would like to hold onto and all those books from classes that I didn't really need to buy but my professors promised that I did. I could replace the pieces of furniture, to make slightly more room but in the end I am still going to end up on an air mattress which has a tendency to lose air throughout the night. It would be far better to have a spare bedroom that actually contained a bed, but really, the frequency of me actually needing/wanting a bed is pretty low. The go-to solution for a situation like this is a sofa bed. Reclaim some of that space taken up by the sofa and have a real bed when needed. The main problem with that solution is that really it should be 'real bed', in quotes. I have yet to find a sofa bed that is comfortable to sleep on. There is simply not enough room for a real mattress or proper support for the mattress.

One solution which is still being entertained is the construction of a Murphy bed. I would still have to remove the sofa, but if the bed could fold away it would make a room with much more usable space, even allowing for the possibility of an arm chair or two that could be moved out of the way or two another room. A Murphy bed has its own problems, like usually chewing up a fair amount of wall space. The current layout has one wall dedicated entirely closet space. In space condos like mine storage is a premium and besides the walk-in closet in the master bedroom it is the only other large storage space in the unit. On the other hand, it has become a place for my old computers to go to be forgotten, for papers to go to be forgotten and other odds and ends to be contained. To make the space more usable I may have to go through the contents and actually figure out what is worth holding on to. While the bed would certainly take at least one closet space, the remaining space could be better laid out to store what I have. It would be a nice bonus if it could be designed in a way that the Murphy bed could easily be removed should a future buyer want to make different use of the space.

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