Wed, 1/23/2013 at 12:46 PM A New Year, a New Me

Many people approach the new year and they resolve to make HUGE changes in their lives. Many of them for the better like losing weight, giving up smoking, or even just saving a little bit more money. It is great if you can resolve to do something and stick with it past the month of January, let alone past the first week of January. To me I think resolutions based around the new year are difficult. For example, I started my recent and fairly successful weight loss trip in June. It just so happened to be the time that I took a serious look at myself and decided that I had to do something to make me like what I saw. There was a little bit of extra motivation since I approached the end of my initial weight loss goal and the end of the year at the same time. I have said time and again to anyone that will listen, every little bit of motivation helps. I decided to lose the weight for me, but that doesn't mean that I didn't need the occasional workouts with a friend, or silly faces from the cute trainer, or fun group at swim practice to make it all a little more worthwhile. The result is the obvious goal, but it is nice when the pathway there isn't so intimidating.

So I just kind of went from talking about new years resolutions to bragging about my own weight loss, and I will tell you. It is hard not to brag a little. It has not been easy but I am sooo happy that I have made it this far. I may have grumbled and complained about the fact that I have all these clothes that do not fit me anymore, and some of the loses still sting a little, but one of the greatest things I have done for myself is to replace a large portion of my wardrobe.

This is where I get back to the idea of a resolutions. Once you manage to get the weight off, get yourself some new clothes! I cannot emphasize this enough. It doesn't have to be when you reach the end of your goal either. For example, I started the summer at a size 40 waist for my shorts, but I quickly dropped some weight and I went out and got myself a few new pairs of shorts in a size 36. My mom thought ahead and bought a pair of shorts in 34 and sure enough, by the time I went to Puerto Rico in November, I was glad she had! It is so easy to get discouraged when trying to make these big changes and every little bit of motivation helps. I got frustrated when I could not tighten my shorts enough with a belt to fit because I knew I had spent money on them. Then, rather than think about the shorts that don't fit, I got new ones that DID fit, and it has made all the difference.

My resolution was to have a wardrobe that would show off my hard work, and make me feel good about myself. I made some room in my closet by clearing out all the jeans that no longer fit me (there were a lot) and my mom and I picked some shirts from Express that I wanted for Christmas. Through this whole process my mom has been one of my biggest supporters, if you couldn't tell that already, so she went a little overboard but now I have a ton of new shirts, in new colors and patterns that I probably would not have worn before. Now I am a little more willing to draw some attention to myself... and people have noticed. I have gotten a number of compliments on outfits and on the weight I have lost around the office. I feel, if not act, a little more professional when I dress up in a pressed shirt and tie and it makes the daily grind a little less painful.

I don't know if all this made sense, I think I rambled a bit, but I'll throw some pictures up to show off some of the new shirts. The first two are really before I got going on the weight loss, with the others being more recent. The shirts have an over-representation of purple, I am still working on balancing that out.


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