Over the years I have done a little bit of writing for myself and for classes. Most of the writings you will find listed here were just me writing to get out thoughts that were in my mind, with the exception of The Worker which was a high school class assignment.

Just Because...

Some justification for those of us who have found ourselves feeling a certain way about someone else without really knowing why.

Love & Survival

The original writing that was the only page in my website way back when black was the color to have as your background and bright green text meant you were doing something right. I wrote this during summer school (C's don't cut it when your mom is an English teacher).

Miracle Man

Written after talking to a friend about how much relationships hurt sometimes. I had just gotten the idea of someone who could solve all heartaches and wrong doings... even if, by doing so, he hurt himself.

Miracle Man: Part 2

A follow up piece to the first one, the 'miracle man' reminds everyone to appreciate the small things in life and to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Once Upon A Night

A look into why some guys, no matter how poorly their girl treats them, place so much importance on the girl.

The Dance

The Dance was a short [poem] that I wrote in an email to a friend. It plays off of a mental image that lingered in my mind for a while. Years later it returned to me when the friend who received it decided that I should try to get it published. So I did, and it was... though in a book of which I believe I hold the only copy.

The Nature of Friendship

Actually the second writing to go up on my original website, this was meant as a follow up piece to Love & Survival. This writing looks at the importance of friendship in our lives and discusses how friends add flavor to our everyday lives.

The Worker

As mentioned above, this is the only story on this list that was actually written as part of a class assignment. The requirement was to take the first line of a famous poem (something not written by a 10th grader), and then build a poem from that text in which the first word of the next line is the last word on the current line. I have no idea what this style was called, but it lead to something that I felt comfortable enough to share.


Written on a night of discontent, this short writing really was meant mostly to clear my mind of some negative energy and desire to be close to someone. It's not polished, it's not smooth... just a small gathering of ideas.