Just Because... - Ryan Walton

    This is about a concept that many people don't seem to grasp. It has to do with the relationship between two people. More specifically it has more to do with the love that one of those previously mentioned people has for the other. I'll be the first to admit that it's absolutely gratifying to know that someone returns your feelings as strongly if not stronger than the feelings you feel towards them. It's only natural to more content when the feelings are mutual. More importantly is when this not the case. Often relationships aren't perfect and people are never perfect. The best quote I think I've heard is "I'll save you the suspense, she's not perfect either. The question is, are you perfect for each other?" from Good Will Hunting. That's a totally other subject though, so I'll try to stick with the subject at hand. So what if the other person doesn't seem to love you or not as much as you love them. Well, sometimes, as disappointing as it is, love seems to be a one way street. Yes, it is disappointing, I'm an idealist but I'm also a realist. So what to do? Some would say that you should just go ahead and move on, find someone else to waste your efforts on. For those of you that find this a hard reality to accept, don't despair. If you need a reason to keep on liking the object of your affection, say it's just because. Just because? What better reason can you have for pursuing someone than that you love them because you do, and for no other reason than that. Some would argue that you get nowhere by continuing on as you are. I argue that if you truly love the person and not this childish "I'm dating them so I must love them" stuff then there is no purer reason out there. Again it is easier to love when the love is returned, but it is truly special if you can maintain without the desired return. A relationship will probably never be the result of this loving, but at least you've been true to yourself and your feelings. Who knows, maybe if you're true to yourself they will eventually see something in you that they are attracted to, or maybe not. So, it's not a perfect world, it never will be, the most we can do is try to be perfect in an imperfect world.