Miracle Man - Ryan Walton

   Come to me children and let me heal your wounds and your sores. I can do it for I am the Miracle Man. I help the love sick, I mend the broken hearts, I rub an aloe on the wounds inflicted by those of the opposite sex. I will go to battle for you and keep you safe. All of you, my children, hid behind my back and take shelter in my shadow. Soon I will fall from exhaustion, and be slain where I lay, but by then you will be well again and able to fight your own battles, you will leave my carcass behind, but I do not care, my children. I am the Miracle Man and I will live on in the hearts of generations to come because of what I did for parents and grandparents. And even though my glory will fade and the lines of my face be forgotten, I will have done what I sought to accomplish, I will have helped the weak, I will have cured the sick, I will have worked the miracles of the heart. You feel my presence like a nearby sun, you sense things beyond imagining within my mind but the greatness blocked by two barriers, my eyes. My eyes have a life of their own, revealing emotion when emotion is needed, hiding it the rest of the time. I need you though, for all my miracles and wonder, for all my triumphs and feats. I rely on you when the going gets tough and my mind tries to shut itself up inside. I try to withdraw from the human race but you prove to strong for even me, you hold on and don't let go until I give up and stay within the borders of society. I would curse you for your help, but I have learned better then that. I need you as much as anyone can need me and I can not push you away without losing part of myself. I thank you for being a part of who I am, I thank you for holding on when all seems lost, and last of all I thank you for being you, and by being you creating me.