Miracle Man: Part 2 - Ryan Walton

    Watch friend, as the sun rises, mark well its path as scorches the sky. Learn to observe and appreciate the beauty and mystery of all that is natural. When viewing an awesome sunset pause to view it. Do not, however, pause to point out nature's majesty to a friend and share in it's calm radiance. It is not hard to take these amazing occurrences for granted. I beg you friends, to not become jaded but take a few moments to bask in the glory of the occasional sunrise or admire the rare panoramic view. Fear not the large city for all its lack of nature but understand that nature is that from which we come and some cord within our souls resonates to the presence of natural beauty, I challenge each of you to look for something in nature without beauty. It can't be done. Where there is nature there is beauty and where there is beauty there is almost always something natural. Even the mighty volcano possesses a deadly beauty and few people would call the sands of Hawaii less than beautiful. Perhaps if you look hard enough you will recognize what I am trying to convey, and attain the peace that comes with that understanding.