The Nature of Friendship - Ryan Walton

   In my last essay I talked about how love was essential for survival, in this essay I'd like to talk about how friendship makes survival easier.

    It's possible to live without experiencing friendship, but friendship acts as a catalyst for life, it makes it easier. If life were popcorn then friendship would be the butter that gets put on top to make it taste even better. Seeing friends, being with friends, talking with friends, confiding in friends, it all makes life much easier to live with. I've been without friends before, I've had a lot of good friends before, and I'll say that even though life was more complicated during the time when I had a lot of good friends, it all seemed more worthwhile. When I didn't have any friends I was constantly depressed, didn't talk to anyone, and was generally worse off then I should have been.

    Life is definitely a struggle, a battle. If we remove ourselves from others we are in a sense saying, "I can win this battle on my own." If you can do that you should be very proud because that's a big accomplishment. However, most of us can not go through life as an Island in the middle of some gigantic ocean. We need the contact, the support, the reassurance that we aren't alone. When we try to set out alone we become prime targets for the enemy forces, life. It's a lot easier to take down one person standing by themselves then a group of people that can all watch each others backs when the bullets, or problems, start flying.

   I won't sit here and pretend to know everything about how the world works, I can only judge the world from my experiences. It could be that you have to be there standing alone against the oncoming problems of life to understand how important friendship is. I've been there and I just hope that after reading this you will make sure that you always have someone who is there for you.

    I can go on all day about how much a friend can help you during bad times, but if haven't listened to me until now, you probably won't have listened to me by the end of the day. So instead of going on about the bad times, I want to talk about better times...

    I recently found out that I had a better friend then I have ever had. The instant I realized that, I also realized I had someone I could always depend on to be there for me. Then I realized, "Hey, if this person is my best friend, why not go out and do something with them!" Suddenly not only did I have someone to depend on but someone to have fun with. When I did do something with that person it was the best time I had had in a while. Of course most of you who are reading this are like "Duh, of course you are supposed to have fun with your friends." Well let me tell you, there are people like me out there who the only time they are with their friends is when they are where they normally see that person, like school, a sport, church, whatever. Well I'm here to tell those people that they need to live a little, get up and don't worry about how to walk, walking's boring, just run, skip, hop play, do anything that you have fun doing. Then once you do that, include a friend, show someone what makes you yourself and not the next guy. We all know that every person is unique but most of us never take the time to figure out what's unique about our friends. When you're about to go to college or about to go out into life, that's not the time to find out about your friends, it's time to take your friends which you know every little habit and take on the world. You will probably meet new friends, and get to know them too, but remember that person who started the long journey with you, maybe you're ready to leave them, but maybe they're not ready to leave you.

   As for me... Well I've started a journey and I'm picking up traveling companions along the way. I intend to finish this journey with those people. I hope to form bonds with some of them that time and distance won't be able to weaken, let alone break. I intend to take on the world with these people and not only survive, but thrive. I may not win the war, not many people do, but I intend to go out fighting with my friends at my side.

   To all those people who are there for me, to support me through the bad times and laugh with me during the good times, thank you, thank you, thank you. To you few I owe the world and more. If you ever are in need and there is something I can do, I am here, just tell me.