Why the Writing Stopped - Ryan Walton

    Some famous person from somewhere else at some point or other in time probably is quoted as having something truly deep and thought provoking about where an author's inspiration comes from. Maybe they made some general statement that is too broad to really find argument, or maybe they just didn't have anyone on hand to argue against them. Either way, what really matters for me is what inspires me to write or to not write.

    I think when we are younger there is a strong need for us to explore the concepts of the outside world. We think about love and hate, war and peace, about just how big of a world there is beyond our front doors and about what our roles in that world are going to be. Adults often joke about teenage changes having something to do with puberty, but while those changes are occurring I think it is the changes in perception that are more troubling. We all find our outlets of expression, music, writing, conversation. For me, that outlet was writing. One day, sitting in a class, I decided I was tired of doodling in my notebook. I started to write, and then I wrote some more. I don't even know if I knew what I was writing, I just knew that it felt good putting pencil to paper. After I was done writing I decided it was so 'deep' that it should be shared on the web as a page with a black background and bright green text. Everyone knows that the darker the overall theme of the page, the deeper and more brooding the topic. So it continued for a while, I would write another 'deep' piece and put it on the web my peers to read and comment on how deep I was.

    A few years later it as time to go to college. Of course, of the schools that I tried to get into, I ended up going to school in northern New Jersey. [Yes Mom, I realize I could have gone somewhere else if I had just done my homework.] One of the problems with going to a college that no one (from my area) has heard of is that you're starting over. New friends, new lifestyle which means a new set of situations that need to be written about. For a time there was an increase in written material and then things settled down. Not much changed in life so not much had to be written about. I had some boring classes though, so occasionally I would write about something, probably something that happened before and I had already had a chance to process. The connection that I had felt between my thoughts and the process of writing them was fading and I had other things to fill my time with (like managing to graduate from college).

    So here I am now, I'm about to turn 25, I work full time at the same school that I had settled into previously. I work on computers day after day and the concept of the written word as pencil on paper had begun to seem so ancient history, but then I was working on a presentation and needed to take quick notes and get the brain functioning. I pulled out a notepad and starting writing, and I wrote some more, and it was good. So two nights ago when I started writing this piece and I couldn't sleep I decided that I wanted to give it a try, see if I could still put together some thoughts and make sense of them. Unlike some of my earlier pieces there is no full version of this on paper somewhere. I got somewhere into the third paragraph and started transferring it up to my website. So maybe I'm back, or maybe this is going to be one of just a few writings that I manage to push out.

    I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and although some of the topics for my writings were cooked up in my own mind, often ideas came from discussions with friends. As always I am very appreciative to my friends for all they have done and continue to do to me. Thank you,

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